Our Mission

The Post-Graduate Program in International Relations at the Federal University of Bahia (PPGRI/UFBA) – master’s level and, as of 2021, also doctorate - has as its mission the professional and qualified academic training in International Relations, in order to contribute to teaching and research in this field and improving its scientific and social development in Brazil. The qualified scientific production of professors and students; the scientific dissemination of their production in academic events and in other circuits of scientific and social interest; and the insertion of the Program in the national and international scientific communities are fundamental aspects of its mission. 

General purpose of the program

Disseminating, expanding and consolidating the field of International Relations, making the Program a strategic knowledge-producing center from Bahia and the Northeast Region, potentializing a space for complementing and deepening critical and interdisciplinary studies on international phenomena. Therefore, the aim is to cultivate an academic environment that provides a stimulating exchange of qualified reflections in permanent dialogue with other centers in the region, in Brazil and in the world.

Specific Objectives

  • Encouraging the accumulation of the intellectual production of professors and students in International Relations, with an emphasis on studies focused on the concentration area of the Program - “Development and Global Governance” -, with the purpose of becoming a center of reference in critical studies on concepts, agendas and processes related to development and global governance, including the theoretical strengthening of the field of International Relations in Brazil;
  • Contributing to the institutional strengthening of the field of International Relations in Brazil, acting in national and international scientific associations, and encouraging the participation of professors and students in research groups, centers and/or networks;
  • Giving regional, national and international visibility to the academic production of the Program, and implementing policies to articulate and support teaching and research in International Relations with other groups, centers and/or networks in the country, with special attention to Bahia and, more broadly, to the Northeast region;
  • Enhancing the possibilities of training qualified human resources in International Relations by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), in order to build in the future an undergraduate course in International Relations (as a result of the accumulation of efforts made in the Concentration Area in International Relations in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities, as well as in the master’s and doctoral programs), as well as to foster other scientific production and dissemination initiatives related to the field; and
  • Deepening the research in progress and fostering new research projects, involving professors from the Program and from other national and international centers and/or networks, as well as undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students.