The Graduate Program in International Relations (PPGRI) at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) had its master’s course approved by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) in 2013, starting in 2014. The doctoral course was approved in 2019 and started in 2021. 
The design of the Program aims, since its creation: (1) to assemble researches related to International Relations themes; (2) to promote the articulation of these researches with each other and around the concentration area and the two corresponding research lines; (3) to strengthen institutionally, academically and scientifically the field of International Relations (IR); and (4) to deepen the critical studies related to the concentration area. Thus, it responds, at the same time and in an integrated manner, to aspects related to: the IR field (at local, regional and national levels); the characteristics and potentialities found at UFBA; and the demands of society and of the public debate in the region and in the country. 
The two PPGRI/UFBA research lines - “Globalization, Development and Cooperation” and “International Organizations and Contemporary Political Processes” - as well as the curricular structure and design, were thought to allow for an interdisciplinary and qualified training, characteristic of the best postgraduate programs in the area of International Relations in Brazil and around the world. Furthermore, it seeks to deepen the various facets that make up the issues, on the one hand, of development and, on the other, of global governance. 
Since its creation, the Program has been constantly advancing with the purpose of contributing to the professional, academic and scientific qualifications of students and professors. It also presents a historically balanced distribution of research projects among faculty members. The PPGRI has sought to articulate institutionally with other programs, universities, and national and international research centers, as well as with national and international research and cooperation networks, expanding the impact and the dissemination of the knowledge produced.